About cashmere

How to treat cashmere

Cashmere is the world's most exclusive natural fiber available. Cashmere wool consists of thin threads that are twisted into a thicker thread. Cashmere wool is incredibly fine, it is extremely soft, but it also requires that you treat it correctly. .

How to treat your cashmere garment:

Washing instructions: We recommend that you do not wash your cashmere garment after each use. It is enough to wash the garment every 4-5 times. WILD WOOL products can either be hand washed or machine washed on a wool program (max. 30 degrees) with detergent intended for wool. The best way to dry your cashmere garment is to lay it flat on a clean towel.

Nudging: Nupping comes from friction when wearing a cashmere garment. The friction creates small piles of cashmere. This is completely normal when it comes to cashmere garments. New garments may tend to fray a little at the start, in which case we recommend that the garment be washed in the manner described above and that you use a fraying comb that you run over the garment when it is completely dry. It is important that the garment lies completely flat when you use the comb. After a few passes with the comb, the pilling will subside and the garment will look brand new.

Repair your cashmere garment :

Repair yourself : If you have been unlucky enough to have got a hole in your sweater, you can ask us for extra thread for your sweater. visit our store or send us an email about which color you want sent. Needle and thread is the best way to easily sew up the hole that has occurred.

Repair: If the hole cannot be repaired at home, send us an email and we can repair your sweater for you for a small fee.

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